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Fully shielded M12 90° Cable Connector Crimp

The new angled M12 connector has the ability to deal with harshest environmental and EMC conditions for secure railway and transportation applications.  This is achieved by crimp termination for the signal contact and for the cable shield and the new 90° design provides the flexibility for the angled cable exit to solve any installation condition.

  • 8 cable exit options for any installation condition
  • Simple selection of the position and lock against rotation of the cable outlet
  • Torsion- and vibration-proof strain relief

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Plug & Play M12 Profibus bus connector cable assemblies

  • The fast, simple and reliable connection for faultless data transfer with QuickPlug&Play bus connector cables with one shielded M12 Profibus female cable and one Profibus male connector.
  • The 100% tested bus connector cables secure failure-safe bus communication networks.
  • Easy plug-in of the new Provertha QuickPlug&Play connector cables in the Profibus interfaces and the play of the Profibus follows immediately.

Technical Features

  • Fault-free Profibus connection achieved by M12 bus connector cables between two Profibus connectors
  • Quick, reliable and simple Profibus connection within a few seconds
  • Easy fault-free installation without specialist training
  • 100% tested bus connector cables for high function reliability
  • See the Plug & Play M12 video for more detailed product information

I-Net Profinet and Industrial Ethernet M12

The I-Net Profinet and Industrial Ethernet M12 product range realises secure and low-impedance signal contact and shield contact due to the special cable connector design. In combination with the 360° EMI/RFI full-metal housing IP67 connections in Profinet and Industrial Ethernet networks are function- and fail-safe. Compact dimensions and pre-mounted subassemblies allow for easy field assembly and installation in space limited conditions. The 360° EMI/RFI crimp flange system with hexagonal crimp, vibration and torsion-proof cable strain relief.

Product Range

  • 360° EMI/RFI M12 Crimp-Connector for field assembly
  • 360° EMI/RFI M12 Receptacles in panel front mount and panel rear mount versions.
  • T and Y adaptors for M12, D-type and a combination of both
  • 360° EMI/RFI M12- and M12-RJ45- patch cords
  • See the M12 D-code video for more detailed product information

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