Glands and Bulkhead Fittings – Product Overview

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• Wide range of EMC solutions
• Simple to assemble, requires no special tools
• Easy to re-work
• Individual and overall screening capability
• Option for fibre optic cables
• Individual and overall screening capability
• Range of materials and plating finishes
• Integral and additional strain relief options
• Special bespoke designs can be supplied

The KEC range of cable glands and bulkhead fittings comprises nine different but interrelated models that provide high levels of protection at entry points of instrument racks, enclosures, cabinets, panels and bulkheads while avoiding the use of expensive and labour intensive in-line connectors.

Many systems experience problems with interference because of inadequate screening where it is necessary to make holes in cabinets, panels or other enclosures to allow routing for wiring or cabling systems. The physical hole can easily be plugged with a standard rubber grommet or cable gland but this will not seal the 'electrical' hole and the leakage path created can result in a system failing EMC test requirements. Traditionally it was thought that providing the braid was contacted in some way or taken down to an earthing point using tags, cone traps or pigtailing successful electrical screening had been achieved. In practice however, this is not the case as some forms of braid termination cause more problems than they solve.

The method of individual screen termination by interwoven braid is consistent throughout the range. The highest levels of performance and protection can be achieved without any of the drawbacks associated with solder sleeves, daisy chains or pigtails. Production and rework times are minimised with the KG range because of the simple mechanical methods used.

On panels, enclosures and boxes the cable braid has to be terminated whereas with bulkheads the braid may be terminated or passed straight through the bulkhead. The KG range provides a cost effective method for both types.

A modified IRIS spring and aluminium adaptor tube option is available for fibre optic cables on the KG2 and KG5 ranges.

All the models in the KG range are both cable and operator friendly and employ the tenet that the less the cable is disturbed the better the system.

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