Circular Backshells – Product Overview

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  • Light weight and compact backshells for all standard circular connectors
  • High levels of EMC and Environmental performance
  • Overall and individual wire screening options
  • No special tools are required and the system is easily reworked
  • Teeth on backshell body mesh with connector teeth for positive lock.
  • Blind teeth for increased EMC screening capability and enhanced environmental sealing with the connector
  • Additional environmental sealing of cable system by heat shrink boot
  • Overall environmental seal is equal to or higher than the IP rating of the connector
  • Available with and without screen termination device
  • Range of materials and plating finishes
  • Integral and additional strain relief options
  • Heat Shrink Boot and Strain Relief adapators also available
  • Special bespoke designs can be supplied

Currently using Glenair or Polamco backshells? We offer a complete Part Number Matching Service for the KEC backshell to Glenair and Polamco. 

Click here to request the KEC Glenair and TE/Polamco Conversion Chart.

All the Screening Techniques that KEC has developed over many years of experience in this field are incorporated in the KC2000 range designed for a wide variety of EMC and environmental specifications including TEMPEST and IP66/67/68.

The KC2000 range uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the correct EMC solution no matter what the target specification and provides excellent value for money.

The range comprises eight individual products each designed to suit different EMC, mechanical and environmental requirements. The rationalisation of the product range has allowed us to use common parts within the different models. This means an increase in production flexibility and a reduction in piece stock part holding for our assembling distributors resulting in a high degree of economy and quick delivery for our customers.

Many customers have their preferred method of screen termination, from simple cable ties, to springs, band straps, clamps, and metal rings that respond to heat. 

IMG_2050 thumbnail.jpgIn some cases large investments have been made in the tooling to apply that screen termination.  For those customers the KC2500NS backshell is available without any screen termination device so that they can continue to use the termination method of their choice. The KC2700 provides a highly cost effective backshell solution for overall screening with reworkable band clamps that don’t require any special tooling or assembly skills that are easy and economical to install.  The KC2800 provides a complete solution for individual and overall screening with band clamp, interwoven braid and slotted backshell body. 

The IRIS spring technology in the KC2100 and KC2300 provides the highest levels of overall screen performance as the cable screen is not disturbed in any way. They are also perfect for fibre optic cables or a combination of fibre and copper. With the correct connectors and cables in the system protection levels in excess of 100dB over a wide frequency range can be achieved. Other products in the range utilise alternative methods of screen termination that rely on feeding the overall braid over a braid trap barrel or spigot of some form that with careful size matching can achieve excellent levels of screening.

The method of individual screen termination by interwoven braid is consistent throughout the range. The highest levels of performance and protection can be achieved without any of the drawbacks associated with solder sleeves, daisy chains or pigtails. Due to the simple mechanical method of assembly, production and re-work times are minimised.

Need a special product? In addition to our extensive product range, we have gained a wealth of experience over the years and use this to help overcome your EMC challenges.  If our standard range does not suit your precise requirements we can make modifications and we also offer a full design and build service for non-standard products and can manufacture to your own requirements.

Fast Delivery KEC has been producing high performance EMC circular backshells for nearly 40 years.  Our products are all manufactured in the UK, significantly reducing delivery lead times and maximising availability for both small batch and high-volume production runs, all at competitive prices. 

Fibre Optics Although fibre optic transmission is not susceptible to EMI/RFI the cables can have an overall screen that requires termination and backshells also have a tendency to crush the delicate fibre cable bundle.  To overcome these problems KEC has modified its KC2100 and KC2300 series backshells 

The KC1100 is a heat shrink boot adaptor for use where no screen termination is required.  The spin-coupling adaptor is suitable for a wide range of standard circular connectors and a variety of cable entry size options ensures the best fit of the heat shrink boot for maximum cable strain relief. Strain relief clamp adaptors are also available.

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