Conduit Systems – Product Details

Supertube is the high quality EMC conduit system from KEC Ltd. Using an innovative three-layer construction Supertube offers high levels of mechanical, environmental and EMC protection.

Supertube is a real alternative to traditional conduit systems, providing savings in weight, time and cost. The full range of fittings ensures that the system is flexible enough to allow complete installation. Durable materials ease the burden of maintenance to reduce through-life costs.

Supertube is manufactured as an aluminium shielding layer with both an inner and outer plastic layer to provide insulation. The construction allows Supertube to be formed easily by hand using simple tools offering quick installation times. The multiple layers provide good mechanical protection. The aluminium layer is seam welded to provide 360 degree EMC protection. The outer insulation is easily stripped and removed to expose the shielding layer for termination.

The Supertube system also includes a wide range of EMC fittings using the KEC Iris spring. This method of termination is ideally suited to providing a very effective bond and can be fitted with the minimum of tooling.

Supertube is available in two versions. The standard version uses low smoke, zero halogen materials for use in low fire risk areas. The high grade version uses flame retardant materials for use in enclosed spaces; especially aboard naval vessels. Tests performed have gained approval for this high grade product from the UK Ministry of Defence and to International Maritime Organisation standards.

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