KEC Services

When KEC was formed in 1979 our philosophy was ‘if you have an EMC interconnect component problem, KEC can provide a solution’.

Many of our customers at the time equated 'providing a solution' with special products at a high price, while their demand was for cost effective, ‘off the shelf’ products.

KEC duly developed standard ranges of connector backshells, bulkhead/panel fittings and conduit systems, details of which can be found in the Products section.

However, our capacity and enthusiasm for solving specific problems has remained and indeed, been enhanced by the experience we have gained over the years offer a full design and build service for non-standard products and can manufacture to your own requirements.

Many of those customers are still with us today because they now understand that far from meaning high prices, 'specialist solution' simply means the right, cost effective, solution for your particular EMC interconnect problem.