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Covid-19 - KEC Open for Business

14 Apr 2020

We would like to let you know that KEC remains fully operational during the COVID-19 crisis.  We recognise that many of our customers and partners are still working and that in many cases our products are used by MoD, and in turn those products are required to support Military Aid to the Civil Authorities (MACA), including COVID-19 activities.  We are taking the necessary precautions with social distancing and working from home where we can whilst maintaining our ability to respond to enquiries, provide quotations, assemble backshells and other KEC products, and constantly working with our supply chain to dispatch orders as near to their due date as possible.


28 Aug 2019

Active now have access to the full KEC product range including EMC backshells.

Environmental Sealing and EMC Screening

27 Aug 2019

KEC backshells provide an environmental seal that is equal to or higher than the IP rating of the connector to which they are fitted with the added advantage of improved conductivity for EMC screening. 

Now Use The Screen Termination Method of Your Choice

10 Sep 2018

Many customers have their preferred method of screen termination, from simple cable ties, to springs, band straps, clamps, and metal rings that respond to heat etc.  In some cases large investments have been made in the tooling to apply that screen termination.  For those customers the KC2500 backshell is now available without any screen termination device so that they can continue to use the termination method of their choice. For a complete EMC termination solution the KC2500 backshell can still be provided with band straps.

Currently using Glenair, Polamco or other manufacturer's backshells?

2 Jul 2018

KEC offers a complete Part Number Matching Service for our backshells to Polamco and Glenair and other manufacturers.

Need a special backshell product?

26 Jun 2018

In addition to our own KC2000 product range KEC also offer a full design and build service for non-standard products and can manufacture to individual customer requirements.

KEC Upgrades ISO Approvals

2 Mar 2018

KEC has upgraded its ISO 9001 and 14001 approvals to the latest 2015 version of the standards

Servo Appointed as KEC Distributor

1 Feb 2017

KEC backshells now available through distribution from Servo.

KC1100 Heat Shrink Boot Adaptor

15 Nov 2016

The KC1100 is a heat shrink boot adaptor for use where no screen termination is required.  The spin-coupling adaptor is suitable for a wide range of standard circular connectors and a variety of cable entry size options ensures the best fit of the heat shrink boot for maximum cable strain relief. 

360 Degree EMC Screening Backshells for tight spaces and difficult angles

12 Oct 2015

The KC2000 range available in straight, 90o and 45o angled versions and we supply D-Types with multiple cable entry options.

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