KEC Products & Services

Since their formation in 1979 KEC have designed, developed and produced new and better EMC solutions in Interconnect systems. These solutions form the basis of our standard ranges of EMC Backshells, the KC2000 series, and Bulkhead and Panel fittings, the KG series.

These standard products utilise best practice in methods of screening for overall cable screens, individual wire screens or a combination of both individual and overall screened cable and wire systems. However, in many instances although the methodology of screening is right the standard product will not fit into the space or shape available in the customer’s assembly.

This is where the strength of KEC’s Special Solutions Technology comes to the fore. As the standard methods are straightforward to use, do not require any special tooling and are easy to rework, they can be adapted and housed in special or non standard hardware to suit the customers individual requirements.

KEC have produced special products that house filtering systems or PCB’s, have adapted circular backshells to receive flexible, flat ribbon cable with a ground plane or very low profile ‘Cobra Head’ backshells to move cables through 90deg in the minimum amount of space. Bulkhead Fittings have been fitted with special seals to work in a virtually ‘submerged’ environment or produced in peculiar grades of material for nuclear applications.

These special solutions can be designed into complete cable harness systems or utilised in box assemblies allowing KEC to offer a complete EMC standard or customised Interconnect Solution package or design, manufacture and supply.

KEC is an ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; EN9001P approved manufacturing company.

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