About KEC Limited


KEC is committed to innovation and has developed and used a number of different methods of termination, some of which have been the subject of design patents.

At the heart of many of our products is the well-known Iris spring. This is a helically wound spring of corrosion-resistant steel that compresses on tightening through 360 degrees to give high levels of overall screening. Designed and patented by our original parent company, we have continued to champion this technique.

The New Generation Termination method, which applies to the KC2100 and KC2300 series, uses Iris spring technology and is designed for applications where individual and overall screening is required. The system, also patented by KEC, terminates overall or individual screens by using a metal woven braid and slotted tube. Environmental protection can be provided by the use of 'O' ring seals and heat shrink boots.

Probably the most important innovation introduced and patented by KEC in recent years is the Universal Braid Trap. This method of termination, used in the KC2200 series, employs a slotted body and braid trap nut and provides a low cost and simple method for either overall or individual screens. A heat shrink boot can provide environmental protection.

Both methods are easy to install, easy to rework and produce highly cost effective backshells, bulkhead fittings and special enclosures with high levels of protection.

New techniques and termination methods are continually being developed as part of our ongoing design programme, as is typified by our ‘reworkable band clamp system’. This provides excellent EMC performance at very cost effective prices. This method of termination is demonstrated in our KC2700 and KC2800 series backshells.

All of the above methods of termination are not only used in the KC2000 range of EMC backshells but also in the KG range of bulkhead/panel fittings and conduit accessories.