Profibus Connectors and Cable Assemblies









Plug & Play M12 Profibus bus connector cable assemblies

  • The fast, simple and reliable connection for faultless data transfer with QuickPlug&Play bus connector cables with one shielded M12 Profibus female cable and one Profibus male connector.
  • The 100% tested bus connector cables secure failure-safe bus communication networks.
  • Easy plug-in of the new Provertha QuickPlug&Play connector cables in the Profibus interfaces and the play of the Profibus follows immediately.

Technical Features

  • Fault-free Profibus connection achieved by M12 bus connector cables between two Profibus pconnectors
  • Quick, reliable and simple Profibus connection within a few seconds
  • Easy fault-free installation without specialist training
  • 100% tested bus connector cables for high function reliability
  • See the Plug & Play M12 video for more detailed product information

I-Net Profinet and Industrial Ethernet M12

The product range I-Net Profinet and Industrial Ethernet M12 realises secure and low-impedance signal contact and shield contact due to the special cable connector design. In combination with the 360° EMI/RFI full-metal housing IP67 connections in Profinet and Industrial Ethernet networks are function- and fail-safe. Compact dimensions and pre-mounted subassemblies allow for easy field assembly and the application in nlimited space installation conditions. The 360° EMI/RFI crimp flange system with hexagonal crimp, vibration and torsion-proof cable strain relief.

Product Range

  • 360° EMI/RFI M12 Crimp-Connector for field assembly
  • 360° EMI/RFI M12- and M12-RJ45- patch cords
  • 360° EMI/RFI M12 Receptacles in panel front mount and panel rear mount versions.
  • See the M12 D-code video for more detailed product information

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WireClip: Wire-to-Board Solution





WireClip - Wire-to-Board Solutions

Efficient and space-saving Wire-to-board solutions with fully-wired WireClip for connection to M12 panel mount connector.

Technical Specifications

  • Vibration-proof
  • Minimal installation height
  • Easy and fast installation on the circuit board due to integrated snapclip
  • wire-to-board solution due to integrated snapclip
  • 100% tested cable manufacture
  • Horizontal and vertical versions
  • High temperature resistant UI94-Vo thermoplast for SMT-Reflow soldering process
  • See the WireClip video for more product information

 To discuss your requirement or to obtain a quote, please contact KEC.