New MVB/WTB bus connectors for high demands of railway technology

MVB WTB Busstecker 300dpi







360° shielding and torsion- and vibration-proof field connection with MVB/WTB cables

A new D-Sub bus connectors specifically designed for communication in the two bus systems MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) and WTB (Wired Train Bus) of the Train Communication Network (TCN). The new connector types enable reliable, vibration-proof connection of MVB/WTB cables to the MVB and WTB interfaces. During the development of the new connectors, the high requirements of railway technology, above all vibration safety, were taken into account. This is why Provertha has equipped the connectors with a vibration-proof screw-type locking system at the MVB or WTB interface. The combination of the vibration-proof single-wire connection and the vibration-proof connection of the shielding and strain relief results in maximum functional and operational safety in the railway sector.

Bus connectors enable T-bus wiring and bus termination

TCN is a hierarchically structured system for MVB or WTB and was developed specifically for railway vehicles to replace analogue remote control and to record the operating states of the individual vehicles. The MVB is a field bus used for data communication within a rail vehicle, whereas the WTB spans several vehicles – it ensures communication between individual rail vehicles.

The new bus connectors allow bus wiring with T-functionality. This means that the bus connections remain intact even if the connector is disconnected from the interface module or a module fails. There are terminating resistors and measuring capacitors on the bus circuit board which are activated by solder bridges. Special PCB solutions with individual functions can be realised.

RF-shielded housing design with axial outputs for vibration-proof connection

The D-Sub bus connectors have two axial cable outlets next to each other, i.e. arranged at 180° to the mating direction – ideal for interfaces directly above each other. The special RF-shielded design of the zinc die-cast housing with overlapping outer contours, together with the adapted crimp flange/sleeve combination, ensures 360° shielding, with the crimped connection providing torsion- and vibration-proof strain relief and optimum shield contact over the entire service life. The hexagonal crimp of the sleeve also ensures a reliable gas-tight connection of the cable shield.

To ensure vibration safety, the individual wires are connected with cage clamp terminals. The screw-type locking of the bus connector at the MVB or WTB interface is also designed to be vibration-proof thanks to the hexagon socket screw with spring washer underneath – optionally with a UNC 4-40 or M3 thread.

Complete sets and customised variants

The D-Sub connectors with IP 30 protection are available as either pins or sockets and can be used in a temperature range from -20 °C to +70 °C. They are designed for a mechanical life of 500 (PL1 according to CECC 75301-802) and 250 mating cycles (PL2 according to CECC 75301-802). For the various MVB and WTB cable connections, they are available as a complete set including the respective crimp flange/sleeve combination. Customised versions are also available on request, in which case – depending on the required cable type – a validated flange-sleeve combination is also supplied. Furthermore, special PCB solutions according to customer specifications are also possible.