KEC, the Aldermaston-based EMC interconnect specialist supplies the complete range of Provertha D-Type, M-12 and Profibus connectors, backshells, and associated accessories.  The Provertha products are particularly suitable for demanding applications in the Defence & Aerospace, Rail, Automation, Medical and Automotive industries.

 D Type Connectors and Backshells:


 The extensive product range offers die-cast, plastic and metallised plastic options, in all sizes, with both standard and high-density connectors.  The crimp flange and ferrule system provide high levels of EMI/RFI protection across a wide range of cable sizes.  Internal and external cable clamps and bushings are available for high levels of screening and a wide flexibility of cable solutions with multiple outlets for various cable entries, at various angles, for accommodating more than one input cable.  Fully-retained fitting screws allow ease of assembly while increasing safety and preventing screws from being dropped into equipment during assembly. 



The highly innovative and economically priced ‘Quick-Lock’ method of coupling and uncoupling for ‘D’ type connectors utilises a unique push-pull locking system for easy, fast and secure locking.  Blind mating with an audible click is achieved in a single-handed operation and is ideal for when operating in places where access is difficult.  The system is also ideal for applications subject to high levels of vibration.


5 pin A code.jpg 

Reliable and robust with a simple fail-safe connection the innovative compact design allows the M12 connectors to be used where space is restricted and mounting is difficult. The ergonomic grip shell ensures simple push/pull and screw connection. The M12 connectors are available with A-, B- and D-coding options and a high-quality, full-metal housing provides an extremely robust construction with 360° shielding.  Safe signal contact is ensured with the high quality turned crimp contacts and the waterproof clamp flange provides protection to IP67.



 Profibus connectors offer simple, fail-safe connection and fault-free data transmission thus minimising costs due to production downtime. The extensive range is available in axial, 90° and angled 55° versions offered with either internal or external cable clamping systems or a flange and ferrule system for full 360° screening.  Suitable for rugged applications subject to high levels of torsion and vibration.

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For further information, or to view samples, please contact KEC at or telephone on +44 (0) 118 981 1571.