KC1100 small.jpgThe KC1100 is a heat shrink boot adaptor for use where no screen termination is required.  The spin-coupling adaptor is suitable for a wide range of standard circular connectors and a variety of cable entry size options ensures the best fit of the heat shrink boot for maximum cable strain relief

The compact size of the KC1100 enables installation in confined spaces and teeth on adaptor body mesh with the connector teeth for a positive lock.  The knurled body and integral groove provides secure sealing of the heat shrink boot and environmental sealing is provided by an integral O-ring.

The KC1100 is the cost-effective solution for all defence and aerospace, as well as commercial and industrial, applications where screen termination is not required. Cable clamp adaptors are also available.

For further product information visit the KEC web site or to view samples please contact KEC at sales@kec.co.uk or telephone on 0118 981 1571.

If screen termination is required the KC2000 range of backshells are designed to suit all levels of screening requirements for EMI/RFI, EMP, TEMPEST and environmental protection and are designed to help manufacturers comply with UK and EC screening directives.

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