Environmental Sealing and EMC Screening

All KEC backshells incorporate ‘blind teeth’.  This is a metal ring that sits behind the teeth that engage with the connector.  This enhancement was made to the KEC backshells to take advantage of the sealing developments in the 38999 series connectors. The blind teeth ring provides a metal to metal seal against the connector shell.  This provides improved conductivity between the backshell and connector for enhanced EMC screening.  At the same time the taper in the metal ring compresses the grommet on the back of the connector to provide an environmental seal between the backshell and connector. Further environmental sealing of the cable system is provided by means of a heat shrink boot.  Overall the KEC backshells will provide an environmental seal that is equal to or higher than the IP rating of the connector to which they are fitted with the added advantage of improved conductivity for EMC screening.